Bounce Back Better in 90 days is a group coaching program that's designed to help professional women improve their self care habits by creating a long term self-care plan.

What is it?


This self-care plan will guide through the steps so you can combat people-pleasing, stress eating, toxic thinking and unfulfilling relationships and take back control of your lives and feel fulfilled. 

“It’s not always about putting yourself first. It’s about               putting yourself last. It’s about knowing that you’re                as deserving as anyone else. And it’s about realizing that your thoughts, needs and desires matter too.”



Who am I...

I help professional women take their lives back through self-care changes to combat people pleasing, stress eating and unhealthy relationships.

5 years ago I started to get sick. I didn't like the person I was becoming, and didn't feel like myself. All due to stress without balance in my personal and work life.

I finally broke down and said something has to change.
I took a lifestyle program and started healing.

I'm Arlene Ambrose

self-care coach & Registered Nurse
based in Edmonton

Since then...

👉🏽I left an abusive relationship
👉🏽I started travel nursing
👉🏽I got my health on track

I speak with so many women in helping professions (nursing, healthcare etc.) who have a similar story.
I started researching common barriers keeping women from taking care of themselves more.

4 themes came up:
👉🏽people pleasing
👉🏽stress eating
👉🏽toxic thinking
👉🏽unhealthy relationships

They are mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted and need help creating lasting self-care practices to combat people-pleasing, stress eating, toxic thinking and unfulfilling relationships. 

I am here to help you break these barriers by creating a sustainable plan for your self care. If you’re ready, then it's time for you to 

Everyday I work with 
                         professional women in
helping roles,  


to reclaim their lives!

Everyday I work with                                        professional women in helping roles,  


My gift is helping you                    those barriers through self-care habits


🙋🏾‍♀️  Set boundaries around your life & gain more peace in life and work.
🙋🏾‍♀️  Say no to the things you don't want, so you can say yes to the things you do.
🙋🏾‍♀️  Learn to redirect intrusive thoughts and feel better about yourself.
🙋🏾‍♀️  Learn tools to deal with guilt, shame, anxiety, depression & treat yourself like you matter.
🙋🏾‍♀️ Create a personalized self-care plan that you actually stick to.
🙋🏾‍♀️ Identify and let go of relationships that drain your soul.
🙋🏾‍♀️ Learn how to reduce stress eating,

Imagine being able to...

I help them cultivate lasting self-care habits to combat people-pleasing, stress eating, toxic thinking, and unfulfilling relationships.

I am a self-care coach helping professional women 

take their lives back.

Some of these changes include stress reduction, emotional wellness, eating nourishing foods, movement and more so they can heal from past traumas, improve their mood, reset their body, have more ease, mental wellness and move forward with their life.





Bounce Back Better in 90 Days Program Objectives:

Help you develop long term self-care that identifies your emotional and cognitive triggers, thoughts and resulting behaviors and includes a custom curated plan complete with tools, techniques and self care tasks to help you grow more confident and comfortable advocating for your needs so that you live your life with more authority and fulfillment. 

Help you reclaim your identity and sense of self worth after being in a toxic, emotionally draining and unfulfilling relationship by creating healthy boundaries, learning to understand and affirm your feelings, wants and needs, defining healthy values and integrating a faith based approach to your healing to improve discernment in decision making.

Increase your sense of self worth and belonging by positively reframing your story and interrupting negative self talk by improving your practice of self love and self compassion. Improve emotional regulation skills in order to stop emotional stress eating and learn how to make healthier emotional choices to decrease stress and overwhelm while also reducing weight gain using movement and healthy plant based nutrition. 

Help you decrease stress, the occurrence of depressive episodes, anxiety and putting the needs of others above your own by combatting people pleasing behaviors and developing a healthy practice of putting yourself first, setting healthy boundaries and creating a small step plan to learn how to confidently say no.


Surround yourself with the other powerful women inside of our program. This is a community where you will ask questions, receive support, generously share, and meet new friends who you can grow, learn and network with.

This is our comprehensive group coaching program designed to help professional career women reclaim their lives by creating a long term self-care plan that helps you identify your somatic and sensory triggers and your emotional and cognitive triggers. We help you use what you’ve identified about your triggers to create a personal self care plan designed to help you overcome them.

During the 90 days we focus on developing healthier nutrition through plant based eating, depression and anxiety recovery through neuroplasticity, setting healthy boundaries, cultivating self compassion and self love and creating a step-by-step plan with healthier habits, soothing techniques and more to help you improve your life. We use a faith based approach and include discussion topics on faith during the course of this program to help you build a deeper connection to your journey of healing, especially when it becomes challenging. This anchors you to a source greater than yourself and aids in helping you persevere.

We use an integrative mix of journaling and poetry writing as well throughout the program to help you find creative expressions of healing. This is why our program is a total of 90 days, this gives us the opportunity to ensure we are helping you create a self care plan that will help you heal and reclaim your life.   

What you get

This includes group coaching calls held once per week where we discuss overcoming your challenges, previous assignments and peer mastermind to continue identifying, healing and building. You'll receive support and guidance to know what to do, how to do it, fixing any issues and overcoming any challenges as we develop your self care plan.

3 Months (90 days) focused on helping you Bounce Back Better...

4 Monthly Group Coaching Calls

2 Private Face to Face Coaching Calls

You receive 2 private coaching calls to help you along your journey inside of Bounce Back Better. Each coaching call is designed to discuss and plan your next steps moving forward and your program assessments. 

Private Members Community

Surround yourself with the other powerful women inside of our program. This is a community where you will ask questions, receive support, generously share, and meet new friends who you can grow, learn and network with.


  • Structured Coaching that teaches you what to implement
  • Face to Face virtual coaching along with work study hours 
  • Peer Masterminding & 1:1 support 

Program Structure

  • Professional woman in helping professions that are child free or empty nesters that are ready to start pouring back into themselves and take control of their lives. You are ready to reclaim who you are and feel like yourself again with healthier self care practices so that you don't neglect your needs any longer.\

  • Professional woman in helping professions that have a growth mindset and are ready to take decisive action right now. You're tired of teetering on the fence and you are ready to focus on your healing journey and continue to grow and become the woman you most desire to be.

  • Professional woman in helping professions that are committed to the process and are ready to do the work. You recognize that reliability and commitment are important to your journey of growth and healing. You don't want to be flaky with your personal growth journey or with the other women inside of the community that you will be walking this journey with. Together each of you become systems of support for one another throughout this process, so your reliability and commitment to the work is vital to both your success and the group's success.

  • Professional woman in helping professions that value a faith based approach to their healing journey and developing their self care plan.  

  • Professional woman in helping professions that want to overcome unhealthy patterns of people pleasing that lead to burnout and learn to set healthy boundaries. You're ready to stop selling yourself short with unfulfilling relationships, combat stress eating while learning lasting self care habits that will give you the courage to live a happier and healthier life and pursue the things you love.

  • Professional woman who self-identifies as a healer or helper. 

The answer is yes if you're a:

Is this program in 

alignment. . . ?

  • Woman that is a new mom or a mom with growing children. We recognize that women with children have a host of different challenges and obstacles to overcome than women without children. To ensure we are able to serve well in our field of expertise, this program is designed to meet the challenges and needs of women without children.
  • Woman in a helping profession that hasn’t started her self care journey. You occasionally attempt self care practices, but you're not committed to them.
  • Woman in a helping profession that consumes information more than implementing and taking action. If you are not prepared to do the work, be decisive and commit then this program is not for you.
  • Woman in a helping profession that does not value the use of a faith based approach to healing and having conversations on faith. 
  • Woman in a helping profession that does not value growth and change. If you are not ready to put in the work to shift, heal, and grow, this program is not for you.
  • Woman in a helping profession that does not support group dynamics and community. This program is designed to be supportive and use group dynamics to help facilitate healing and growth, if you cannot contribute or feel uncomfortable working through your healing within a group, this program is not for you.

The answer is no if you're a: